Ten Latenight Screen Spookers

By Jackson Phibes

Curse of the Doll People (1960)

A creepy Mexican yarn wherein super scary little dolls (midgets in masks) go around stabbing the guys who stole a voodoo idol from a death cult. A hight priest commands 'em from a house full of cool occult paraphernalia, assisted by a giant rotting zombie.

This Night I will Possess Your Corpse (1966)

Brazil's national hero, the ultra wigged-out Ze do Caixao ("Coffin Joe"), tears it up as a small town undertaker-madman who seeks the perfect woman to take his seed. At one point, he has a crisis of conscience and dreams that he is being dragged to hell by a skeletal black spectre. The B&W picture suddenly switches to blazing Technicolor, and we are shown the tortures of the damned in a frost-encrusted ninth circle.

Mad Monster Party (1967)

Any animated puppet movie featuring "the talents of Boris Karloff and Phyllis Diller" is obviously gonna be one of the best movies ever made. One unforgettable scene features a skeletal 60's punk band blasting through a number called "The Mummy" while the monsters trash the joint.

Night of the Bloody Apes (1969)

Could only find a link for the 1972 version

A somewhat late entry in the retro-trendy Mexican Wrestling genre, this one is essentially a remake of 1964's grim Doctor of Doom, this time in full colour, and with the added benefit of vivid heart-surgery footage spliced in to keep ya on your seat's edge.

Nude Vampire (1969)

Jean Rollin, the French master of the soft-core, surreal vampire skinflick scores. A suicide cult worships a vampire girl (in diaphanous nighties) whom they are holding prisoner in their swank chateau. Lotsa skin, sci-fi fetish outfits, bizarre set pieces and weirdie-ass situations.

The Werewolf Vs. the Vampire Woman (1970)

College girls on vacation are searching for the grave of the blood countess Wandesa de Nadasdy. Along the way, they run into Paul Naschy, Spain's reigning horror king of the '70s, here in his most famous role, that of Waldemar the Werewolf. Girls get vampirized, Waldo rips out peoples' throats, mist curls around tombstones, etc...

Frankenstein Vs. Dracula (1971)

Poor old Lon Chaney Jr. is on his last drunken legs as Groton, a mute hench-man to the wheelchair-bound J. Carrol Naish's Dr. Frankenstein. His monster's face looks like its bum. Best of all, Adamson's no-talent showgirl wife, Regina Carrol, sings and dances her way into our hearts. She also has an acid freakout at a hippy coffee house.

Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (1972)

Also know as Breakfast at Manchester Morgue and Don't Open the Window, this is the first and best of the Italian Night of the Living Dead ripoffs. One charming shambler has a nice juicy autopsy scar from his beard to his tail.

Impulse (1974)

Southern drive-in director William Grefe has William Shatner as a psychotic con-man, twitching, wincing, biting his nails...in short, acting up a storm! In one scene guaranteed to cause nightmares forever, he shows up in a navy blue tank top, striped flairs and a white bowler hat.

Sugar Hill (1974)

Classic blaxplo-zombies with sexy Marki Bey enlisting Baron Samedi to help kill off the mob that iced her boyfriend. She seems to work as a fashion photographer, but spends most of her time watching her bug-eyed, cobweb-encrusted zombie hit men macheteing up phony Italian gangsters. No blood or nudity, but still okay in my books, as it moves along at a good clip throughout.

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